Water Base Paint Machinery

Water Base Paint Machinery

Water-based paint machine is extensively used for producing water-based paint which is perfect for interior & exterior wall surfaces due to their quick-drying properties and easy application. At Tuyan Industries, we are a reputed Water Base Paints Machine and Water Based Paint Machinery Manufacturer in India that manufacture high-speed water-based paint machinery with different types of function of mixing, dispersion, shearing, and emulsifying. We manufacture reliable and highly efficient water-based paint machinery with great output results. Our equipment includes the main parts of common paint production including dispersing machines, mills, filters, and mixers.

Water Base Paints Machine

As a reliable Water Base Paints Machine and Water Based Paint Machinery Manufacturer in India, Tuyan Industries offers steel-structure construction, pipeline installation, and electrical fitting. Manufacturing paint on a bulk scale requires an advanced machine that supports corrosion-resistance and excellent durability. When the low cost and lower dispensing systems are used in this machine, it results in poor quality flow and frequent wear and tears related issues. So, it is essential to use excellent quality water-based paint manufacturing machinery in large scale production of industrial plants.
We have a highly skilled team of experienced engineers who design water-based paint machines ranging from high capacity to low production models. This machine is featured with a suitable capacity motor and gearbox incorporated considering raw material characteristics. Additional features such as automatic titling, screw system, and vacuum system can be offered as per user requirements.

Why Choose Our Water Based Paint Machinery?

  • Low maintenance

  • Dust free barrels emptying

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Fast functionality

  • Excellent temperature control

  • Fastest grinding and processing

  • Replacement of Horizontal Bead Mill

  • No need of expensive shaft seal

  • Can give continuous large production

  • No need for water chiller

  • Low power consumption

As a water based paint machinery manufacturer in India, we are also dealing in large number of machines such as High Speed Disperser, Wall Putty Machine, Twin Shaft Disperser, Bead Mill, Sand Mill, Ribbon Mixer, Ribbon Blender, Printing Ink Machine, Emulsion Paint Machinery. If you are looking for a reputed Attritor Mill Manufacturers in India, Dry Powder Mixer Manufacturers, Dyno Mill Manufacturers in India and Emulsion Paint Machinery Manufacturer, you can contact us today!