Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers

Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers

Vertical sand mills are widely used for particle reduction and dispersal of pigments in the liquids like paint, ink and all the coating industries. Tuyan Industries is the best leading industry of Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors in India’s market.

The vertical sand mill consists of a jacketed machine in a proper diameter. All contact part of the vertical sand mill that is the inner shaft of the rotating shaft, disc and jacket are made of steeliness steel material. The production of the vertical sand mill depends on the capacity of sell and the peripheral speed of the vertical sand mill is diversify between 12 m/s to 18 m/s and depending on the size of the sand mill.

Dispersive Glass and Uniform are secured through beads from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm and the discharge (Fitted with a volumetric pump for variable discharge) is made of two half-forged screens that can be easily separated and cleaned.

Tuyan Industries, Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers are working with our team of skilled & professional engineers to come up with providing the quality of products. In the line of the customer’s various requirements, necessities vertical sand mill manufacturers are manufacturing an individual compound of vertical sand mill.

The offered vertical sand mill is assembled using top-notch quality of manifested segments and bleeding-edge hardware in adherence to industry standards.

Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers are especially adulated in the market from its different measures to keep u its quality. Apart from this, we give this industry to our significant clients to boost driving costs.

The particle size-reduction up-to 2 microns is possible in a single pass using the vertical sand mill. The material to be prepared is pumped from the bottom of the vertical sand mill into the milling chamber which is filled with grinding medium.

The media is moved by a shaft fitted with numerous disc along with its length. As the material in sand mill drives upwards which is controlled by high hydraulic & shearing forces which result is better grinding of the material.

After that material passes through the screen which divides the media from the mill base. The vertical sand mills are jacketed for the efficient cooling of the mill base.

As we know that the open type sand mills are widely used in the processing enamels, cement primers, emulsions and used for processing a wide verity of products.

Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers are manufactured vertical sand mills for water-based emulsions and grinding process that ensures a uniform mixture of several components.

In the vertical sand mill, the slurry is moved through the sand mill and the emulsion is then added or mixed in a slow speed stirrer (Impeller & pump with speed variator are provided with these sand mill).

Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers are involved in manufacturing a wide range of vertical sand mills, which are acquiescence with the prescribed industry standards.

These industrial sand mills are used for wet milling of dyestuffs and water-insoluble pigments. Our range is to be the most famous manufacturers in the vertical sand mill, which finds wide application in many industries.

Tuyan Industries, due to extensive experience and knowledge of related domains, we are helpful in offering vertical sand for the paint manufacturing industry.

Our vertical sand mill is known for a flawless finishing, good tensile, long service life, optimum performance and many more.

Our sand mill is provided at industrial leading rates and fully satisfies them in compliance with customer demands. Apart from these, by offering excellent quality machines, we have built a prosperous customer base in India-worldwide.

The wide range of vertical sand mills, we have introduced has been appreciated for fine milling and ensures that solid particles are also distributed. This adjusts to improve the shelf life of the product.

Our technologically advanced range is widely used for fine wet milling of dyestuffs and insoluble pigments in the water and finds applications in many industries.

The material to be handled is stripped from the factory base into the processing chamber which is loaded with a 3 mm diameter midlatitude grounding.

The media is disturbed by a pole fitted with various impeller plates along its length. Vertical sand mill manufacturers are offering mills that require minimal maintenance.

It is always difficult to find the best suppliers or manufacturers for a top vertical sand mill because there are risks to the sourcing material, especially in terms of quality and timely delivery.

Tuyan Industries, Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers are a one-stop sourcing industry for the best vertical sand mills in India, where you can get the best quality of vertical sand mills in a wide variety of models, sizes, capacities, colours, designs, styles, occasions and materials.


  • The primary advantage of the new vertical sand mill is its simplified operating system.

  • The sand mill machine has only a few wear parts, including the agitator discs, chamber lining and separation system components.

  • The media addition system is easily controlled and simple in design, eliminating the possibility of parts wearing.

  • The use of a Air pump in sand mill to feed the mill reduces maintenance costs because the tubing is inexpensive and easy to replace.

  • Several of the new mills have been installed in ceramic plants and are being used to grind SiC using SiC grain as the grinding media. This experience shows wear life of the agitator parts in excess of 2000 hours, which is remarkable considering the abrasive nature of this application.

  • The process is easily automated with flow, temperature and pressure switches to allow unattended operation.

Vertical Sand Mill Manufacturers