Horizontal Bead Mill Manufacturers

Horizontal Bead Mill Manufacturers

Tuyan Industries is a leading Horizontal Bead Mill Manufacturers and suppliers in the Indian market. Horizontal bead mill manufacturers are working with a team of competent skilled engineers who work efficiently to assemble these horizontal bead mills.

Horizontal bead mills are suitable for the granulation and scattering of liquid state particle materials, for example, surface coatings, dyes, shades, printing inks, pesticides and paper enterprises.

The device is for nonstop fabrication for fine graining and scattering, which is less suitable for centre stability materials.

The pounding instrument is completely untouched and is cut down to minimize the resolvable misfortune so that the turning plate can be incorporated into the tumour of the type.

Unusually machined openings dot the mass giving the absolute best pounding activity urges to think against the stream.

Complete with a start, the feed siphon and protection are changed at over-temperature and over-temperature and media splitting is acquired by wedge wire static screens or piercing holes.

The horizontal bead mill is a single wet dispenser to deliver highly fine objects extending from low stability to high thickness.

The crushed material is treated uniquely for disruptive resistance. Parts are anything but hard to suppress, work with and work with.

The machine uses a unique whole separator gadget that incorporates very tough tungsten carbide combinations for excellent wear barrier.

Horizontal bead mills are built with revolutions by Horizontal Bead Mill Manufacturers at high RPM which guarantees tedious versatility against stagnation, gradual cleaning of machines guarantees superb detachment.

Horizontal bead mill manufacturers are offering them within reasonable rates.


  • Suitable for low and medium viscosity materials and micron

    scale fineness.

  • Multiple cooling systems, powerful cooling efficiency.

  • Efficient separation system, not break beads, discharging more

    smoothly and more quickly

  • High energy intensive output, even smaller grinding fineness

  • With excellent length and diameter ratio, narrower particle size


Horizontal Bead Mills Manufacturers
Horizontal Bead Mills Manufacturers