Attritor Mill Manufacturers

Tuyan Industries is the recognized brand of Attritor Mill Manufacturers in India. We are a known manufacturer and Supplier of Attritor Mills. These are planned and manufactured with greatness materials and as per the obligatory business models. This advanced high yield fine crushing instrument representatives the perceived standard of pounding and scattering with disturbed balls. The materials take shorter pounding time in Attritor Mills than traditional Ball Mill.

Attritor Mills are utilized for creating very well and homogenous scatterings quickly and every now and again under controlled conditions. These are utilized for the Attritor Mills in India, inks, paints, coatings, metal oxides, ferrites, chocolates, synthetic substances and pharmaceuticals. The Attritor Mills in India are regularly alluded to as a disturbed ball plant. The material to be ground is surged into a vertical holder loaded up with granulating media. Both the substance and granulating media are then disturbed by a pole with arms making the media employ shearing and impact benefits on the material. This activity creates an incredibly very well material determined in microns. No pre expansion is required. The Attritor Mills Manufacturers in India is furnished with cooling coats. The distribution office is accessible as discretionary.

Attritor Mills makers in India are made of Stainless Steel holder with delicate steel coat for cooling the temperature of material to be process in the instrument. AII the synthetic concoctions like stain, medium, sap and different synthetic substances are placed in the machine and with the granulating medium in addition steatite balls or fortify balls the machine is permitted to blend and pound the item. In few hours the pounding esteem is accomplish and the material ground is additionally weakened according to the necessary thickness and parameters.


  • Ten times faster than ball mills
  • Simple to operate
  • Energy efficient
  • No premixing required
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Compact design
  • No special foundation necessary
  • Dispersing with milling as one time
  • Material Circulation system fitted
  • Easy grinding Small batch
  • Easy Temp Control
  • No need grinding media separation
  • Easy washing
  • Multi type grinding media used
Attritor Mill Manufacturers in India