Attritor Mill Manufacturers

Attritor Mill Manufacturers in India

Tuyan Industries is the well-known recognized brand of Attritor Mill Manufacturers in India market. The attritor mills are planned and manufactured with expensive and high-quality materials and as per the required business models.

This advanced high yield fine crushing instrument representatives the perceived standard of pounding and scattering with disturbed balls. The materials take shorter pounding time in Attritor Mills than traditional Ball Mill.

Our attritor Mills offer to grind and mix the material at a very fast rate. Our attritor mills are also called attritor mixer which is mostly utilised industrial purpose as mixing devices.

Also, attritor mills are capable of mixing, processing, agglomerating and even conditioning.

Attritor mills are measured as a powerful and efficient method for all tasks of grinding, blending, and milling, whether wet or dry.

To take advantage of an attritor mill you have to ensure that all the grinding media are in action at all times.

As one of the leading attritor mill manufacturers in India, we are producing a drawer mill made of stainless steel types of equipment with a mild steel jacket to cool the temperature of the material being processed within the machine.

It is used to generate fine and homogeneous dispersions and under controlled conditions rapidly and repeatedly.

How Does Attritor Mills Work

Our attritor mills are equipped with cooling coats. The distribution office is accessible as open and has very little space.

Our Attritor Mills are very cost-effective and energy-efficient. In addition, more materials, partly used for the manufacture of our mills provide maximum durability with powerful and strong properties.

Attritor Mill Manufacturers are configured and manufactured attritor mill of high-grade parts like motor, gearbox, belts, bearings and seals to increase the quality of the mill machine.

Our machines are safe, easy and suitable in the process without any troubles.

According to the customer's requirements, our aim of guaranteed satisfaction is achieved by fully customized design for small tank capacities to large tank capacities for different coherence range and customization of other components including material of construction, impellers, and other features.

All our Attritor Mill models are safe as we offer every product in certified proof options. Our mills have very stylish features that include speed controller, temperature and pressure monitoring devices, programmable logic controller, HMI control panel, touch panels, limit switches, sensors, auto-valves, and some other highly advanced features.

And the best thing about our attritor mill that it controls temperature with the help of a temperature sensor and organizer, which is automatically, stops the grinding motor when a set temperature is increased.

Our mills are better painted and covered for great form and longer life span. It has a very finishing touch of buffing parts, for example, buffing, cleaning and polishing, etc., giving machines an unmatched look. Our machines thus produce surprisingly low noise while reducing noise pollution.

Attritor Mill Manufacturers in India are manufactured attritor mills of stainless steel, zirconium oxide, ceramic, glass, etc. The best grinding and extensive effect are given to give the balls the correct shape and size.

In the attritor mill delicate steel coat for cooling the temperature of the material to be processed in the instrument.

For good grinding results, two sets of balls with different sizes are being used.

Attritor mills are used to make very well and homogenous controls quickly under controlled conditions.

They are used in India for attriter mills, inks, paints, coatings, metal oxides, ferrite, chocolate, synthetic materials and pharmaceuticals. Attritor mill manufacturers in India are routinely known as distressed ball plants.

The grounded material is transformed into a vertical holder loaded with granular media. Both the substance and the granular media are then disturbed by a pole with weapons that employ shear and impact gains on media content.

This activity makes an incredibly very good material determined in microns. The Attritor Mill Manufacturers provide attritor mills that are equipped with the cooling coat and delivery office is accessible as a discretion.


  • We supply a machine that is ten times faster than other mill

  • Our machines are simple to operate

  • Our machines are energy efficient

  • No premixing required

  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Compact design

  • No special foundation necessary

  • Dispersing with milling as one time

  • Material Circulation system fitted

  • Easy grinding Small batch

  • Easy Temp Control and Easy washing

  • No need grinding media separation

  • Multi-type grinding media used

Attritor Mill Manufacturers