Ribbon Mixer

Purpose of Ribbon Mixer Double Shaft :

At Tuyan Industries, we manufacture Ribbon Mixer by making use of premium grades of stainless steel and alloy steel. Our Ribbon Mixer is easy to operate and has high mixing consistency. They are durable and long lasting. They are of high reliability and easy to maintain. Our experts make theRibbon Mixer that makes sure a complete mixing process of all the particles without leaving pure spots.
The ribbon mixer double shafts are manufactured to be used in powder and liquid, solid pulp, powder, and glue solution, such as putty paste of the mix in particular for the viscous material mixture. These items are suitable for putty paste, biological, pharmaceutical, Paint and other industries. We recommend using stainless steel.
The Ribbon Mixer has driving parts, agitator and twin U-shape cylinder. The driving part helps the decelerator in driving the agitator to run with lines of chain or gear driving. There are two shaft paddles that run at the same speed. The paddles on the shaft are adjusted with a special angle to ensure the materials can get a compound effect in a short time. Because our ribbon mixer has unique agitator design, it let the material inside it move the through towards the discharge point, systematically mixing the contents without any dead spots.
Ribbon Mixer is an industrial strength-strength machine. It is used for mixing large amounts of materials in different industries. Given the increasing demand for Ribbon Mixer, we at Tuyan Industries manufacture and supply a wide range of ribbon mixers for mixing dry powder, sticky materials, granular, and crumbling in the process industries such as foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, fertilizers, and cosmetics. The Ribbon Mixer Double Shaft designed by us provides an effective mix of different powder and liquid materials.
For more details about our Ribbon Mixer, initial a contact with us. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best product for you. Manufactured by using high quality materials and advanced technologies, our Ribbon Mixers come with several features. The key features include:


  • The capacity range of our Ribbon Mixers range from 0.5 Ton-10 Ton Pug Mill

  • We have Mild Steel and Stainless Steel construction facility

  • The mixers come with Gland Packing Seal +Air Purge Seal

  • They come with Heating/Cooling Jacket for ribbon blender

  • They have spraying Nozzle for liquid

  • Our mixers are designed in a heavy-duty drive unit

  • They come with different Outlet Valve depending on your process requirement

  • Explosion-proof for electricity