Ball Mill For Wet / Dry

Operating Principle :

One machine that is heavily used for crushing and grinding tasks is the ball mill. This machine is described as a grinding device, capable to crush and transform large hard materials into fine paste. A ball mill is a cylindrical machine and generally used for Grinding paints pigment, ores and other hard materials. By rotating on horizontal axis the ball mill effectively turns hard materials into fine paste. There are different ball mills on the market but all of them use the same working principle and are consisted of the same elements.
For example grinding materials can be found in every ball mill. Beside the material that needs to be transformed into fine paste. Every ball mill contains grinding materials. The grinding materials are actually small balls which grinded the material that is inside the ball mill. Usually stainless steel or ceramic balls are used as grinding materials. When the ball mill rotates the balls grinding the material inside creating in this way loose powder. The end result is Grinded material that can be used for other purposes.
The industrial ball mill can operate Batch type. This industrial machine is controlled by another device that feeds the ball mill with materials that need to be grinded into fine paste. Smaller ball mills operate efficiently with cylindrical containers that contain tight caps. Such ball mills are part of pulley systems that use pulley mechanisms and belts in order to control ball mills. The rock tumbler, a device that is used for polishing various rocks, is similarto this ball mill.