Reaction Vessle / Resin Plant

What is Chemical Reactor:

A chemical reactor or reaction vessel is vessels design to facilitate chemical reaction among various raw chemicals, known as reactants. Reaction Vessels are also used for other processes such as solids dissolution, product mixing, crystallization, liquid/liquid extraction and polymerization. Reactors are also identified based on process for which it will be used. (Such as blender or crystallizer). We are a chemical reactor manufacturer for Chemical, Paint and other industries.

Benefits of using Reactors :

  • Complete range of chemical reactors as per your specifications

  • Proven quality. 700+ reactor vessels working successfully

  • Adheres to ASME and other standards with special attention

    to Argon and Arc welding procedures

  • Offered in Stainless Steel ( SS-316L, SS-304L) as well as Carbon

    Steel material

  • Raw material sourced from Tata, Jindal and Esser.

  • Man, Machine and System Infrastructure to execute big projects

  • Value added service offered separately for valves, fittings, pipe

    and automation

  • Different types of agitator design

  • Registered with leading consultants and third party inspection


  • ReliableAfter sales support

  • On time delivery