Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers

Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers

We, Tuyan Industries is the recognized brand of leading Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India. Twin shaft disperser certainly plays a vital role in many industries.

Twin shaft dispersers contain application in pharmaceutical (medical) industries, food industries and cosmetics industries.

A twin shaft disperser is a different type of mixer that is widely utilized to break lumps quickly i.e. generally produced in powdery materials, uniformly distributing them and wetting them in a liquid.

Twin shaft disperser also used to melt the soluble solids in liquids.

Twin shaft machine available in various types depending on the shaft like double speed and single speed and variable speed mixing shaft.

Selecting a twin shaft dispersers it can be an easy task for you you just choose to Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers.

Although you can say that we can assume the responsibility of a shaft dispenser, the fomenters are not extremely practical because they do not offer the force or power that fluid can offer in terms of separating the material in the powder.

Twin shaft dispenser manufacturers are manufacturing a vast range of twin shaft disperser. We mainly consider efficiency, time and space conservation. And of course, the head of our lab manager's mind is the initial cost as well as any other overhead associated with production.

Composite efficiency must be considered when expanding the process industry. Mixers are not a piece of common equipment used for production, but a decisive tool for business. Our units remain competitive and profitable.

Twin shaft dispenser manufacturers only offer & manufacturer cost-effective and efficient products. This means, as one of the best twin shaft dispenser are made for blending high-thickness materials into paints, covering and printing ink ventures.

Also, Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers use our own high-quality raw materials when manufacturing machines on large scale.

This helps when considering the design of the mixer. It helps in the food and cosmetology industry to make some good products that have an impact on our daily lives. In addition, they are used in low viscosity products such as paints.

Our products are adequate essentially used in the medical industry, beverage industry, ink and paint industry, construction industry, chemical industry, resin industry, cosmetic industry.

The twin shaft mixer as well as the dispenser start with a liquid and form a solid as the solid is added. This command is reversed in the shaft diffuser mixer.

Twin Shaft Dispenser manufacturers are interested in the manufacture of Twin Shaft Dispersers with price support, which is considered to be the most adaptable equipment for paint mixing.

As the name recommends, scattering and dispersing objects are clearly dispersed, to mix. The scattering process is performed by the shaft found midway, and is responsible for low-speed shaft blending equipment.

We made disperser to mix high-thickness materials at Paint, Coverings & Printing Ink Ventures. Due to the edge blending gadget, the material is mixed and keeps from splitting. Rapid scattering causes the material to mix and disintegrate sufficiently and the item may revert to a short time.

Twin shaft disperser has double shafts, one with the scattering edge for scattering and the other with a sharp edge for blending. Double engines achieve torrent upsets with faster speed of the poles. The Twin Shaft Disperser is one of the top disperser as it is particularly skilled in both scattering & blending.


  • High Speed / low speed one time run

  • Homogenous Mixing

  • Wide Range of Applications

  • Short Mixing Time

  • Easy to Clean

  • Capacity range from 0.5KL-10KL

  • Mild Steel / Stainless Steel construction

  • Normal Temperature and Pressure inside the mixer

  • Hydraulic Up / Down

  • Easy Tank Removable

  • More sufficient processing of the material

  • Hydraulic lift ensures stability and reliability

  • Large power with stronger processing ability

Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers

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Twin Shaft Disperser Manufacturers

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