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Tuyan Industries is a leading brand of ribbon blender mixer recognized as Ribbon Blender Manufacturers. We work with a team of trained and professional engineers to create good quality products such as a ribbon mixer. Tuyan Industries the Ribbon Blender Manufacturers of high quality product. Blender is a gadget used to mix a lot of content and find applications related to different activities. The name for the blenders is gotten from the lace formed lace blender which are available and play out the mixing capacity inside the blender. The vast majority of the lace blender have a motor to give control and an enormous trough which holds the material alongside the mixer fomenter that blends and mixes the material appropriately. The Mixer consists of metal straps, mostly with a double helix structure, and is calculated so that the lace blender can transfer the material to the unit without rest. There are three assortments of ribbon mixer which have various highlights; nonetheless, lace blender play out a similar capacity. In any case, when are discussing mass solids and powders there are sure substances that can't be mixed appropriately with a lace blender. What you ought to comprehend is that when the fixings are comparable in size, shape and thickness, blending and mixing is a lot simpler and quicker. In any case, when the size, shape and thickness of the materials included the lace blender differs, it can hinder the procedure a lot.

Ribbon blenders are versatile, affordable, and generally used for dry solids in every type of process industries including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paints, agricultural chemicals, and polymers. Ribbon blenders are perfectly fine to mix most solids and light pastes. They are used to mix powder and semi-wet material of different densities. We, as one of the renowned ribbon blender manufacturers, we provide ribbon blades of multiple designs that are suitable for different materials. Some of our products come with a Semi-cylindrical shell. Inside the shell rotates a Shaft which is fitted with spiral inner and outer ribbons. This ensures fast and efficient blending.
Our professionals carefully balance the dimensions and configuration of the ribbons to ensure a movement of material within the container that removes dead spots and ensures rapid product discharge. Our ribbon blenders are corrosive resistance, wear resistance, vacuum filling, and discharge arrangements. They are equipped with heating and cooling jackets and special shaft seals. Moreover, the products are available in multiple sizes.

Benefits of Ribbon Blender Designed by Us

  • Sanitary design-heavy gauge
  • Stainless steel constructions
  • Perfect solutions for avoiding contamination
  • Wide range of arability
  • Feeding through a hopper attached on top of the blender

Design of Our Ribbon Blenders

One of the popular ribbon blender, we offer ribbon blenders that are in working condition with vast capacity. We provide ribbon blenders in various grades of stainless steel, mild steel, special alloy steel, and carbon steel. Our ribbon blenders also feature center discharge and can be customized to meet your needs.

Some of the optional accessories you will get with our Ribbon Blenders:

  • Baffled jackets for the purpose of cooling and heating
  • Continuous ribbon agitator for end discharge
  • Paddles for full or partial loads
  • Wear-resistant liner plates suitable for abrasive products
  • Manually operated butterfly valve, slide gate valve, diaphragm valve
  • Air-purging stuffing boxes, split design stuffing boxes, mechanical seals
  • Variable speed drives, explosion-proof motors with electrical control panel
  • Vacuum and pressure construction
  • Cleaning and inspection windows on the container

For more details about our ribbon blender, feel free to contact us. As one of the reputable Ribbon Blender Manufacturers, we will be happy to serve you.

Who we are

  • Why Us

    We are considered in the market to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this impeccable range of mill and Grinding Media. To live up to this reputation, we engage in the utilization of high grade raw materials and modern machines, in compliance with the set industry norms and guidelines. This ensures the product’s standard of quality. Further, the offered range is known to be packed in a highly commendable manner, is priced reasonably and is delivered with high level of punctuality.
  • Our Team

    Our team of is highly skilled and experienced professionals, help us in the attainment of several of the firm’s predefined goals and objectives. These professionals are hired on the basis of their ability and willingness to perform. For reasons of attaining smoother and effective management, the professionals have been sorted into several highly operations units. Further, regular on job training session are provided, for reasons of keeping them at par with the ever changing market.
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is of paramount importance to us. To ascertain the quality of our range, we have developed a well-maintained testing facility that helps us to conduct various tests, on the basis of set parameters. Our Engineers operates an internal Quality Assurance System in line with ISO standards but more importantly in line with statutory requirements. Our projects often involve working in hazardous areas or fabricating plant that must comply with statutory requirements such as pressure vessels and tanks. As such we have developed very robust systems for recording and documenting these mixer.

mission and vision

  • our mission

    Ensuring long term satisfaction of our clients through the quality of our products. Offering added value with high quality mixer, with mutual satisfaction. Upgrading and improving production process through the implementation of new technologies with the goal of environmental protection. Achieving desired business results with increasing the value of invested capital
  • our Vision

    Utilize all available resources for continuous business progress, mostly technologies. Give all of our employees the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills and continuously direct them towards improving business processes. Be a reliable partner which will be a standard and measure for quality and professionalism in all business segments – the first purchase choice for customer; a desirable employer for employees; a reliable partner to business subjects; and a socially responsible company. Create and distribute products which result in the trust and loyalty of customers and consumers;
  • Research & Development

    We conduct continuous research & development activities at our R&D unit to offer an improvises range of mills to our clients. With the help of our research associates, we are able to design our range in tandem with the latest market developments.
  • Our Technology

    We commitment to provide our clients with a quality mill. The timely delivery and after sale services that we offer have also helped us in gaining the trust & faith of our clients.
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