Tube Mill

Operating Principle :

We offer a broad range of Tube Mills in different qualities as per customer's requirements. Tube Mills manufactured by Tuyan Industries are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. We also provide after-sales support which is beyond comparison with other such manufacturers. The tube mills manufactured by our companies require low maintenance owing to the care and strength of the parts used in the tube mills. If you are planning to buy a Tube Mill, you must be aware that a good Tube mill possesses features such as high manufacture speed with good quality of pipes, the durability of the mill and we have all these features.
The best thing about our tube forming mills is that they come with in-line upbeat equipment and recent inspection equipment, inside bead rolling system. Our machine is very easy to establish and have been designed with the requirements of the customers and Industrial challenges and using factors. Apart from tube mills, we also manufacture other similar machines and all the types of machinery are highly reliable, durable and are manufactured under strict quality control. When purchasing a tube mill, we must remember the fact that only a good quality Tube Mill can produce a good quality of pipes. We are committed to offering the best products, service and value-added benefits for our precious Customers.
The products offered by us are manufactured using high-grade substance with the help of the latest technology. These products are offered in different specifications as per the needs of the clients within the promised time frame.


  • High speed and homogenous mixing

  • More prolonged service life

  • Low power consumption

  • Excellent performance

  • Automatic Slitting Machine

  • Tube Mill HR / CR Machines with Roll Set

  • High-frequency solid-state welders and components

  • High-Pressure Tube Hydro Tester for API Pipes

  • Tube and Pipe Galvanizing Plant

  • The bolts for the liner are made of long durable material

  • Liners worn in inlet and outlet hoppers are used

Without Chopper Mill

With Chopper Mill