Putty Mixer

Operating Principle :

Putty Mixer is a type of mixer, mainly designed to process wall powder paint, it can use as polish putty and decorating materials. Putty in the construction industry plays an important, protection and decoration role as a thin layer, which is generally used in construction and decoration engineering.


  • Shafts are Mounted on Bearing Blocks

  • Fitted on a Sturdy Frame Fabricated

  • Blades are fabricated from Plates

  • High Speed Mixing Machine

  • Market-leading prices With More Applications

  • Takes Less Time To Mixing Products

  • Shafts Run in Opposite Directions

  • Easy to open, close & clean

  • Avoid Heating Problems

  • Capacity range from 300-5000kg

  • Mild steel/stainless steel construction

  • Low maintenance

Putty Mixer Chopper Mill