Enamel Paint Machine

Enamel Paint Machine

Get the best-in-class Enamel Paint Machine manufactured by Tuyan Industries. Enamel Paint Machine is in high demand due to its increased requirements in today’s industry. We’re committed to catering to the demands. As a prominent manufacturer, we design innovative, well-featured and guaranteed machines that give the best results. The machine comes equipped with dispersing machines, mills, filters, and mixers. They combine milling and dispersing functions. They are highly efficient, energy-saving and easy-to-operate.

Water Base Paints Machine

The Enamel Paint Machine manufactured by us is applicable for independent tank operation and high/low viscosity paste. The materials sucked by a self-suction impeller are milled efficiently in the milling chamber. The dispersion impeller that roasts at a high-speed helps achieve dispersion, mixing and cyclical effects for the enamel paint, which is optimum for the industries that require high fineness. The paint made by the machine can be used in industrial painting/protective coating in petrochemical and chemical industries for anti-corrosion purposes.

Salient Features of Enamel Paint Machine

The operation of our Enamel Paint Machine is simple, cleaning is convenient and the production is extreme. The machine is equipped with an ideal capacity motor and gearbox used, considering raw material characteristics. Additional features like a screw system, automatic titling, and vacuum system can be available to meet requirements.

Salient features include:

  • Smooth functionality with low noise

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Continuous Maximum production

  • Excellent temperature control

  • Fastest grinding and processing

  • Low energy consumption

In general, the term "enamel paint" refers to oil-based covering products with an amount of gloss in them. But lately, various water-based or latex paints are also referred to as enamel paint, which is a type of paint that air-dries to hard, generally glossy, finish used for indoors or outdoors coating surfaces.

Why Choose Tuyan Industries for Enamel Paint Machine?

Tuyan Industries is a leading name when it comes to Enamel Paint making machine manufacturers in India. Backed by a high-skilled and talented pool of engineers, the company has the capability to design Enamel Paint Machine ranging from high to low capacity production models. Feel free to call our customer care number to place your order for the machine and clear your doubts if any.