Adhesive Mixer

Operating Principle :

Need to mix two-part adhesives and other materials? Tuyan Industries offers various adhesive mixing solutions; including meter mixing dispense equipment and disposable static mixers. Our adhesives mixers are user-friendly and let you have the permanent assemblage of similar and dissimilar substrates. At Tuyan Industries, you can get 2k pistons, static mixer nozzles, cartridges, and no-drip dispenses valves. Tuyan Industries is a leading adhesive mixer manufacturer and supplier. We are committed to helping customers with high-quality products and design to meet today’s industrial mixing processes. We have a quality portable industrial mixer, which can be tailored to meet the most challenging requirements of different applications. Our heavy-duty but still portable mixer is flexible enough to be applied to industrial use. The preparation of all adhesives begins and ends with adequate mixing. From the dissolution of polymers into thinners to the homogenization of adhesive emulsions or mastication of rubber and let-down of master batches, the type of mixing machine and method massively dictate over-all processing efficiency and end-product quality. We use advanced mixing technologies and implement them across many of today's competitive adhesives manufacturing plants. Our experts create new equipment designs increasingly recognized by the industry as potential solutions to prevailing mixing challenges. Fast lead times, time-proven designs, and reliability are some of the reasons people choose us.


  • Double payoff reels.

  • Feature to resist vibration and flex

  • Bonding a wide range of substrates

  • Protection from corrosion

  • Minimal shrinkage upon cure

  • A marginal increase in the weight of the assembly

  • Excellent cohesive strength

  • Superior heat and chemical resistance

Adhesive Mixer Chopper Mill